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Lack of Leash-Free Dog Parks in Caledon

As we take the invisible fence collar off to take our dog Halo for a walk he gets so excited only to be put on a leash to follow the rules of the trails. I do have to say Halo is pretty lucky, as we have a big yard that he can run around freely in, but I am sure this is not the case for a lot of dog owners in Caledon. Caledon dog owners and their dogs can really benefit from Leash-Free Parks.

We have some beautiful trails, conservation areas and provincial parks in Caledon, but it is disappointing that there is not much offered for our dogs. The only Leash-Free Dog Park in Caledon is at 12889 Coleraine Drive in Bolton, which is on a storm water retention site with gaps between the fence and the ground that can not be filled. These gaps are big enough for a dog to go under the fence and leave the park.

I truly hope that some consideration will be put, by the Town of Caledon – Parks and Recreation, in building one or two more Leash-Free Parks that our dogs can enjoy.

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