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Did the City of Toronto steal the idea of the TORONTO sign from Bruce Barrow?

PanAm Toronto Sign, Things to See in Toronto, Places to Visit in Toronto, Beautiful Places in Ontario, Toronto Sign Scandal, Bruce Barrow,It has become a Toronto landmark, a tourist attraction and now a lawsuit has been launched due to a scandal.

Bruce Barrow, a brand consultant, has filed a lawsuit today against the City of Toronto, city councillors Josh Colle and Michael Thompson and Mayor John Tory for 2.5 million dollars claiming that the original idea for the Toronto Sign placed at Nathan Phillips Square for the PanAm Games was his.

If this really is the case and the idea was stollen from Bruce Barrow it really is a shame. I only hope if this is settled out of court it will not be tax payers money that will be used to pay Mr. Barrows off.

Hear the full interview with Bruce Barrow’s Lawyer, John Simpson on Talk Radio AM640 below.


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