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The Most Common Chronic Disease in Children

Most Chronic Disease, Dental Health, Cavities in Children, Top dentist in Brampton,According to studies done by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, each year, about 19,000 Canadian children under the age of 6 undergo day surgery because of early childhood caries.

Dental caries is the most common chronic disease of childhood, however, with proper oral health care, it is also the most preventable.

Pain from dental caries can cause a child to eat less and lose sleep. It can also lead to less focus and lower attendance in school.

It is very important to eat healthy and limit sugar intake. The sugar in soda pop combined with the acid is the perfect prescription for tooth decay.

Regular visits to the dentist, including dental cleanings and check-ups are most important in preventing this chronic disease.

Be sure that your child’s first visit to the dentist is by age 1 or within 6 months of eruption of their first tooth. (Whichever comes first)

For More Information Visit The Canadian Dental Association.

Dr. Elizabeth Dimovski & Associates – We Protect Your Smile!



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