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Lion’s Head Provincial Nature Reserve and Town

On our way back home, a half an hour south of Tobermory, we stopped at Lion’s Head Provincial Nature Reserve for our last hike of our trip. Located on Georgian Bay, Lion’s Head has the Bruce Trail running through it along the beautiful Niagra Escapement cliffs. I have to say from all the parts of the Bruce Trail I have hiked this has to be the hardest as the trail is very rocky, hilly and uneven, but well worth the 10 k hike as the cliff scenery of the Niagra Escarpment, overlooking Georgian Bay, is amazing and the crystal clear turquoise waters are picture perfect. Walking through the reserve felt like something out of Avatar with the beautiful rock formations, covered with green moss and 10,000 year old potholes that were created during the last ice age. Another must see on the Bruce Peninsula. Check out the photos below.

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