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Our California Vacation

What an amazing trip with my number one! We visited 8 different skate parks, in 5 different cities, where Josh got to BMX and experience the different California skate parks. He got to shop at his favourite stores and even met a pro BMXer at OnSomeShit (Don’t Judge 🙂 ) We visited 4 different beaches, Venice, Santa Monica, Long Beach and my favourite Laguna Beach. We cruised Los Angeles, walked Hollywood Blvd, hiked the Runyon Canyon and had awesome dinners and conversation. A successful amazing time, but I have to say I am glad to be home. Los Angeles must have the most homeless people I have ever seen ….. they are everywhere …. It really makes me wonder what the city is doing about it. There are also some sketchy areas where you just have to lock your doors and hope the lights turn green pretty fast. There really is no place like home …… There really is no place like Canada. Check out the photos from our trip below.

Leaving Los Angeles – Day 5


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