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Our Los Angeles Adventures – Day 3

Today we headed to Long Beach and bike rode the trails along the beach and through the city. It was a hot one so wearing black was probably not the smartest of ideas 🙂 although the breeze along the ocean made it a little more bearable. We also visited a couple of Skate parks where Josh landed some pretty sick tricks. Check out the photos below.

Some helpful tips when visiting LA:

1. Be sure to take your GPS if you are planing to rent a car – it’s been awesome.

2. Never go on the highway during rush hour … You can get to places a lot faster avoiding the highways.

3. Never drive on the furthest left lane 🙂

4. If you are not planing to spend a lot time in your hotel room stay at a cheaper one. Josh and I are staying at one 2 minute drive from down town LA and the $700 – $800 we saved Josh graciously spent on clothes and shoes 🙂

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