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Our Sunday Morning Hike – Borer’s Falls – Waterfalls in Hamilton Ontario

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Borer’s Falls Conservation Area Trail Map

Borer’s Falls are located in Borer’s Falls Conservation Area in Hamilton, Ontario. Although we tried very hard 🙂 access to the bottom of these falls is impossible due to the steep Niagra Escarpment drop. There is a look out platform along the Bruce Trail from where beautiful photos can be taken which is a short 5 minute walk from the parking lot.  The rest of the trails are easy flat hiking. There is however, the Armstrong Trail, with access from a long set of stairs, that brings the hiking up a notch to moderate hiking. The trails are hard to follow as the flora has grown over them. When hiking these trails you must be very careful as they contains a large number of poison ivy areas … we might have found that the hard way 🙂

Check out the photos from the falls and the beautiful hiking trails below.

Click Image To Enlarge



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