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Tiffany and Sherman Falls, Hamilton Ontario Waterfalls

Today we set out in search of Tiffany Falls and Sherman Falls located in Hamilton Ontario. Our first stop was Tiffany Falls Conservation Area on Wilson Street East Hamilton Ontario. We were lucky to get a parking spot as the parking lot is only big enough for about 15-20 cars. The Falls are along the Tiffany Falls Side Trail and only a 7 minute walk from the parking lot. Although beautiful, the water flow was a little scarce today 🙂 We headed back and across the street as the side trail continues and connects with The Bruce Trail leading to Sherman Falls. The hike is about 20 minutes long through a beautiful forested area. As we crossed Old Dundas Road we can hear and see the Falls. They water flow of Sherman Falls was amazing and the and peaceful. Sherman Falls is on private land and the owner has allowed hiking through the property so that others can enjoy the beauty of the falls.

Both waterfalls are easy to get to and hiking the Bruce Trail between the waterfalls is intermediate. Check out our photos of these two beautiful falls.

STEPS: 6025           DISTANCE: 4.04 Km           CALORIES: 191

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