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A Little Secret Right in Our Backyard! Scotsdale Farm and Snow Creek Falls

Halo and I set out to find Snow Creek Falls, but before we  did that, as I was searching the net, I notices a marker on the map for Scotsdale Farm. Not much information was given on it, but it did say that it’s open to visitor to explore and hike as the Bruce Trail runs along it. As we got to 13807 Trafalgar Road we turned left onto a driveway that seemed as though it would be private. As we drove to the end there was a parking lot with signs and information on the farm which stated:

“Christopher Cook built the original homestead in 1836. Some 30 years later, his son and daughter-in-law, David and Almira Cook incorporated the original structure into a large home. After buying the property in 1938, the Bennetts renovated the house to its current early American colonial style. The barn gable roof indicated it was built before 1880. The earthern ramp that leads to the “top Barn” enters the short end rather than the long side of the otherwise typical central Ontario barn. Stewart Gordon Bennett and his wife Violet (Letty) lived at Scotsdale Farm for 40 year. They raised Arabian horses and Shortborn cattle, farmed the land and cared for their wetlands, forests and streams. To ensure the property’s long term protedtion, the Bennetts generously bequeathed Scotsdale Farm to the Ontario Heritage Foundation. Due to their kindness, the public has been the 219 hectare working farm and hiking the Bennett trail since 1982. Typical for this part of Souther Ontario, Scotsdale Farm Comprises arable farmland, pastureland, evidence of nearby Niagara Escarpment, a moraine, upland forests, wetlands and two creeks. We invite you to explore. The Ontario Heritage Foundation preserves, protects and promotes the province’s cultural and natural heritage for the benefit of present and future generations. The project has been financially assisted by the Natural Areas Protection Program through the Government of Ontario.”

What a generous gift the Bennetts gave to The Ontario Heritage Foundation and to all of us to enjoy and explore. there are marked trails along the property of the farm that also lead to The Bruce Trail.

After our beautiful hike through the Scotsdale Farm we headed down the road in search of The Snow Creek Falls. They were not hard to find. As soon as we parked on the expanded side of the road the falls were there. Beautiful, peaceful and surrounded by forested areas. Check out the photos.

For more information on the Silver Creek Conservation Area, Hiking, The Bruce Trail and the Silver Creek Falls Click HERE.

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