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In Search of Cannings Falls – Waterfalls and Hiking Ontario

After an hour and a half of moderate to advance hiking on the Bruce Trail, through the Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve and along the Nottawasaga River bank the realization set that the Canning Falls were hard to get to from there so we walked back and drove around to 1 Line E. As we got to the end of the road we saw an unmarked trail through the woods. I took my chances and started hiking down a steep hill. As I got closer to the edge of the river I started walking down the river to see the falls peeking through the trees. What great satisfaction finding the destination you are searching for.

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    • Where I parked no … Further down the road there was a sign that said private road do not enter. Since then I found out that even though part of the falls are on the Town of Mono property to get to them you are stepping on private property. Probably not a good idea to visit these falls until Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Preserve acquires the land, if ever.


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