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Cheltenham Badlands – The Bruce Trail and Side Trail Loop – Hiking Ontario

What usually takes about 50 minutes to an hour we did in 40 …….. I am thinking Halo has way too much energy when he gets into the woods 🙂 and considering it’s a hilly trail, thanks to Halo, I got a pretty good workout. The beautifully forested moderate trail loops around the Cheltenham Badlands and gives you glimpses of them in the distance. Since the Badlands have been fenced off and closed to visitors, all trails leading towards them, from The Bruce Trail and the side trails have been closed and signs have been erected stating “KEEP OUT – Natural Regeneration Area” and “Please stay on the authorized trails. Access beyond this point is considered trespassing.” We still got to see the badlands as the trail led us across Old Base Line. As we reached the Badlands you can see that no signs will stop some from entering through the broken and bent fence. If you are a little creative you can still take some great photos from outside of the fence, but for some, that’s just not enough and the thought to why they were even closed in the first place, doesn’t cross their mind.



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