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Mills and Mill Ruins in Ontario

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Cataract Falls and Mill ruins – Forks of the Credit

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The Goldie Mill, along side the Speed River, in Guelph, was used as a flour mill when it was rebuilt by James Goldie in 1867. The mill can only be viewed from the outside as it is used for special events and can be rented out. Along side the river can be found a beautiful trail.

Rockwood Conservation Area, Mill Ruins in Ontario, Hiking Trails in Ontario, Things to see in Ontario, Ruins of Old Woolen Mill, Rockwood Conservation Area, Rockwood Ontario, Things to see in Rockwood,

Old Harris Woolen Mill, built in 1867, found in the Rockwood Conservation Area.

Ontario Mills, Mill Ruins Ontario, Things to see in Ontario, Alton Mill Ruins,

The Alton Mill, built in 1881, has been restored and is the home to a number of shops, studios, galleries and a cafe.

Mill Ruins Ontario, German Old Mill Ruins, Things to See in Ontario, Things to See in Cambridge Ontario,

The German Old Woolen Mill Ruins, in Glen Morris, is just south of Cambridge on the Gran River. The Mill is named after the last name of the owners Alva and Sydney German and not the country 😛 who built in 1867.


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